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About Us

ACA Homes Involved

  • Seniors Card

ACA Homes Improvements is one of the business partners of Seniors Online Victoria. An Online community filled with useful information for older people in Victoria. At ACA Home Improvements we respect elders and we offer a special discount for people with Seniors Card.

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  • AWA

ACA Home Improvements is one of the business partners of AWA. The Australian Window Association is made up of over 500 window manufacturers and industry suppliers throughout Australia. Members of the association have products tested to Australian Standard AS2047. You can be confident that products are made to withstand Australian conditions when purchasing from an AWA member. Don't risk costly replacement of non compliant products that are not suited to Australian conditions and ACA Home Improvements is proud to provide quality products to our customers.

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  • WERS

ACA Home Improvements is one of the business partners of WERS. The Window Energy Rating Scheme rates whole of window product energy efficiency performance. The Window Energy Rating Scheme enables windows to be rated and labeled for their annual energy impact on a whole house. ACA Home Improvements manufacture our products based on WERS rating.

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About ACA Homes

  • Mission

ACA Home Improvements is focused on manufacturing and sales, always trying our best to meet our customers requests. We are looking forward to improve our service every day. We will try our best to run a healthy business. The biggest interest from our team is helping our customers to build the most comfortable living environment.

  • Value

Thanks to our company culture that gives us the flexibility to always meet our customer’s special requests. Flexibility is one of our strengths it keeps everything as simple as possible for our customers. We also value each and every team member that we have; they have grown with our company for many years, they understand how important the communication is with each other and with our customers.

  • Custom Made

We have everything made specifically for you. The modern and high quality products that we have made will help you to improve your living environment. The custom made products we have include: Double Glazing, Plantation Shutters, Roller Shutters, Blinds and Awnings. Our focus is to continue improving on making our products look as beautiful and sensational as possible.

  • Advice

Custom made products can be complicated at times. We recommend that our professional sales and installation team help supply the most suitable advice to reach the best possible result. This is service ACA Home Improvements wishes to supply at all times.

  • Installation

We are so proud to have a professional installation team to supply our customers the best installation service. We also value your advice on installation to help us improve our installation service. As the installation is a part of your project, we request our installer to supply the best service to make your whole home look great.

  • Company Culture

Flexibility, Efficiency, Simple